A  warm  welcome,to  Dar es Salaam Google Technology User Group (GTUG).Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) are user groups for people who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android and App Engine platforms, to product APIs like the YouTube API and the Google Calendar API, to initiatives like OpenSocial.
Our  aim  is to  use  this  group  as  a  platform  to mobilize software  developers  and  IT  professionals  interested in  Google technologies  and  technology in general, to meaningful  and constructive  dialogues on  how to  spread  knowledge  about these technologies and   improve  the way  we  go about  using  them.We believe there are lots of ideas worth spreading about these technologies that remain unknown to majority of internet users in Tanzania.Most internet users do not know that  you  can find a location with Google maps.Education institutions can use initiatives such as   Google Apps Education edition and Google Scholar to improve the quality of learning.
Dar es salaamGTUG  uses skills of various volunteers  who are passionate about technology.You can join in too! There are many ways for you to participate,  you can join our mailing list located at  http://groups.google.com/group/dargtug  for updates on future meetings and projects from our group, follow us on twitter,   @dargtug.Please feel free  to  invite colleagues and friends.Be an active member of the community .Help us find amazing guests for our future sessions,bring your friends along and  spread the word, conduct Dar es salaamGTUG promotions in various events, campuses and  to all who are interested in technology, and  assist us with organizing the events.


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